Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Reina Media's Founder, Paula Reina, presents to new potential business owners at Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center San Francisco about social media marketing on Facebook.

As more small businesses start to come around to the idea of the power of Social Media, the thirst for information and knowledge becomes greater. The founder of Reina Media explains to new start-ups the ins and outs of Facebook Marketing, the need for Facebook re-targeting (Pixels), and what "look-a-likes" can actually do for reaching already existing costumer.

In 2017, Facebook still is an underpriced advertising platform. However, the idea that bigger brands that currently advertise the traditional way (television/radio) will eventually gravitate even more so to social media/mobile only strategies is soon emerging; which will lead to spiking the PPC advertising dollars of Facebook in the future. Many concerns start-up owners had was the "call to-action" strategies. Reina Media can help with targeted strategies to engage potential leads to the right place. For more information contact us at

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